During the months of July through September of this year, the ABCB presented the Energy efficiency: NCC 2022 and beyond scoping study for public comment. The scoping study specified a proposed approach and the scope of future changes, with a specific spotlight on the 2022 edition of the NCC.

The scoping study was devised in consideration of the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council’s Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings (the Trajectory) and resulting decision of the Building Ministers’ Forum in favor of continuing work toward the goal of enhanced energy efficiency standards in the NCC. The Trajectory’s far-reaching policy goals include: lowering energy bills; enhancing the dependability of energy networks; reducing emissions of greenhouse gases; and reassuring the industrial world regarding future regulatory transitions.

A response of 135 submissions was garnered from a vast variety of people and groups. These submissions supplied the ABCB with important quantitative and qualitative data that has been summarised and presented in the form of an outcomes report. The report specifies factors due to determine the project’s upcoming progress.

For more information, consult the energy efficiency initiative.