Along with Wall, Chris Nunn’s 2018 appointment as association chair signals the involvement of another stalwart of the commercial world after his years as head of sustainability real estate with AMP Capital.

Wall is an active proponent of the passive house, having built one for his family on the NSW South Coast. Working in this role for just two days a week will enable him to pursue new business as a consultant for engineering, operations and capital works – his usual field of expertise.

“One of the reasons I took the job is that I continue to be disappointed in the way we build residential properties in this country and if I can promote something that is enormously compelling and has broader impacts not just on energy efficiency but on people’s health and has far more benefits, I want to give it a go.”

Rob Sims and David Yates have been lined up to take over Wall’s management functions at Dexus, with Sims being promoted into a senior manager role while Yates takes on the position of executive general manager investor relations, communications and sustainability.

Growing passive housing further afield

Nunn envisions passive house being used in areas such as schools, retirement homes and student accommodation, whilst potential also exists in major office buildings. With his 20 years of industry experience, he believes the method almost certainly guarantees high performance, comfort, and low energy consumption.

The key to successfully completing the project is high quality fabric and construction methods. Poor quality buildings powered by clean energy will typically require closed doors and windows, increasing levels of CO2. Passive house can dramatically reduce the level of energy needed, meaning that a smaller solar array will yield better results. It can also filter air with a low-tech filtration system, creating a clean indoor environment.