Builders look for original ways to sell products by committing the client to a process that requires their time and emotional commitment. Focus the client on an objective that the builder can realise. The client’s dream of home ownership is realised with the aid of the builder. At this stage, the upgrade and finishing touches are not known.

Profit before responsibility is not a good creed for any businessperson to follow—and sadly, builders must slice the profit margins to adhere to consumer expectations.

Today’s building companies must be innovative, striking partnerships that empower their businesses to succeed. They must make a goal of market perception and long-term positive outcomes. Corporate sustainability must be planned years ahead.

For many builders, Quality Assurance is the answer.

Those builders that use KPI to assure build quality, customer satisfaction and a reduction in errors at all stages of the build stand the best chances at success.

That process demands top quality at every stage of the project, with no excuses accepted.

The sustainable model is always top quality, also delivering a sound profit margin.

Accountability and advance planning rest at the very core of sustainable building.

Buyers play their role by selecting a house that represents their needs, image and values. Then they commit, getting personal with the design by choosing colours, floor coverings and wall tiles that personalise the home to them.

Finally a tender document reveals the final price, thus leading to the release of a contract. The Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA) contracts are respected as being fair and reasonable.

The contract conditions, as prepared by the HIA and the MBA, are widely held as industry practise by many builders.

Builders must be wary of applying extensive conditions and specifications, unless they are in the buyer’s best interest.

Some builders take advantage of buyer commitment by filling their contract with many stipulations.

All contracts must be prepared with honesty and integrity at heart and in mind. Be responsible and protect builders’ rights. Secure honest referrals and reviews at all time—profits will follow. And so will trust.


Source: Sourceable.Net