It seems inevitable that, in the wake of COVID-19, our era of economic prosperity in Australia is sure to hit a roadblock.

Still the NSW Government has found a new road, and is trying to breathe new life into the NSW Planning System in its COVID-19 response—and, in the process, placing new value on the building and urban development industry. 

By hitting the fast forward button on NSW’s state-significant infrastructure projects, we also will be hastening economic recovery in general.

A new Planning Acceleration Program was announced by the government in April 2020. The program aims to open more than 30,000 building job opportunities in the next six months; hasten assessments of State Significant Developments, rezonings and development aps (DAs); and facilitate councils and planning panels to put regional DAs on the fast track—where they really and truly need to be. 

The Government is placing needed new emphasis on shovel-ready projects, that create both new buildings and new jobs. The byproducts of this emphasis, of course, would be housing supply, economic activity and generating tax revenue.

By fast tracking major building development projects, we are assured of fast-tracking economic recovery as well.



Source: Sourceable