The proposed $22 billion Asian Renewable Energy Hub blends wind turbines, solar panels, above and underground transmission cables and a quartet of subsea power cables aimed to export hydrogen to southeastern Asia.

Global consortium partners Intercontinental Energy, Vestas, CWP Energy Asia and Macquarie Bank state that the project also will produce clean energy for Pilbara-based miners.

The Environmental Protection Authority on Monday recommended approving the project, allowing for the consideration of conditions that include the management and watching of impacts on migratory birds.

Almost 12,000 hectares of native vegetation face clearing if the project advances, with up to 1743 wind turbines to be situated 26 kilometres from Eighty Mile Beach.

Any possible impacts for migratory birds were deemed manageable, the EPA declared via a statement.

The report also considers the effect on marine environmental quality and fauna that may occur due to the placement and operation of subsea cables.

Approval conditions encompass the development of a fire management strategy, gauging the impact exacted on birds from the wind operation turbines, and site rehabilitation.

The state’s environment minister will render the binding decision regarding the proposal.

A finalised investment verdict is anticipated in the year 2025 and building is set to commence in 2026, developing a predicted 3000 jobs over a decade.