Environmental issues and policies are playing a major role in this year’s federal election, with both contending candidates offering markedly conflicting viewpoints.

In regards to climate change and related matters, the Prime Minister has called for urgent and immediate action. The Opposition Leader vowed to take real action on this issue.

One way in which our leaders can take this action, both real and immediate, would be to address the related issue of emissions output in modern buildings; this owing to the fact that buildings and their operations generate nearly one-quarter of the nation’s emissions. By rectifying and regulating emissions output settings, we can reduce our environmental impact and enhance our quality of life.

To this end, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) designed an action plan that revolves around the implementation of key initiatives:

  • A plan for net zero emissions buildings by 2050, with the aim of decarbonizing while building improved communities.
  • A plan to improve energy use in our buildings.
  • A sustainable and substantial pathway to net zero buildings in Australia, via the Carbon Positive Roadmap for the Built Environment.
  • Strong leadership in this area.
  • Energy market reform.
  • The increased livability of Australian cities.
  • Increasing the value of our infrastructure.
  • More social, diverse and affordable housing.

Vote wisely, and with the eye to the environment.