The 2021 Report reveals that progress has been made in these areas:

Commitment 1: Attaining and managing projects in a collaborative manner 

  • Project teams enlist Early Contractor Involvement to drain risk projects through design and to facilitate more effective usage of Design and Construct Contracts where fitting (where risk allocation is evident).

Commitment 5: reducing the expense of bidding 

  • Projects have kept an average of shortlisting 3 bidders per project.

Commitment 7: watch and reward good performance 

  • More agencies are utilising standard contractual approaches to avoiding disputes and resolution. A bidder’s commitment to collaborative behaviour is being regularly weighed in the tender evaluation procedure.

Commitment 10: enhancing industry diversity 

  • Agencies have continued to collaborate with contractors to measure and file reports on workforce diversity.
  • Projects are regularly meeting or exceeding Aboriginal participation standards.


The Report also specifies areas for enhancement, such as:

Commitment 2: adopting partnership approaches to risk allocating 

  • Reliance is still an issue as there was no significant improvement in this area:


Government supplied warranties for the factual accuracy of data released (where geotechnical and other due diligence helped in lowering risks difficult to study and forecast).

Commitment 3: standardising contracts and procurement processes 

  • Changes must be made in standardising contracts and procurement methodologies

Commitment 5: lowering the cost of bidding 

  • Improvement must be made in the time unsuccessful bidders spend on hot standby and the usage of streamlined prequalification plans.


In addition to progress in the area of major projects, the NSW Government Construction Leadership Group wants to advance initiatives to embed the 10 Point Commitment in all NSW Government infrastructure projects.



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