Privacy notice for the BDAA web site


This statement outlines how Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) will manage any records it handles containing personal information about members and associated individuals whose information is stored, retained and or used in conjunction with the BDAA web site (

Details outlined below are:

  • Privacy and your personal information
  • What information will the BDAA collect?
  • Why do BDAA collect this information?
  • Who will BDAA disclose your personal information to?
  • Storage of information obtained or disclosed on the BDAA web site and or BDA mobile app
  • Access your personal information retained through the BDAA web site

Privacy and your personal information:

BDAA is a national, not for profit association representing Building Designers throughout Australia; the association is inclusive, constantly developing and evolving, offering members multiple streams of CPD and communications, member-to-member support, interaction, mentoring and industry exposure and will only, lawfully, collect information that is necessary for the running and activities of the association.

BDAA’s handling of records containing your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988.

What information will we collect?

Under normal circumstances we will collect information directly from the individual concerned.

In the first instance we collect only the information requested for an individual to become a member of BDAA, the details of which are available on the various online membership application forms as listed on the BDAA web site page titled “BECOME A MEMBER”.

When a member upgrades her/his membership we also collect additional information, again pertaining to the class of membership being sort; this additional information is also available in the page titled “UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP”.

BDAA may also collect information regarding your building design qualifications, the ongoing maintenance of those qualifications through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the disclosure of that CPD, as well as the status of your Professional Indemnity Insurance; all of these items of information are a requirement for some levels of membership, as defined.

From time to time we also collect financial information from your credit or debit card, your cheques or Electronic Transfer, this information will be used only for the purpose it was requested and not recorded or retained.

BDAA may also collect personal and sensitive information about members and non-members relating to allergies or dietary requirements that is advised to us when registering or attending conferences, meetings or similar events being conducted by the association. The allergy information or dietary requirements will only be recorded and used and disclosed to relevant persons in relation to these various activities. BDAA will undertake to eliminate or de-identify this information after use; information of this type will be sort on a single use basis for each event as required.

Why does BDAA collect this information?

The purposes for which information is reasonably collected, used or disclosed by BDAA are to ensure that those applying for membership are eligible and they are correctly classified as members, as defined within the Rules and Regulations of BDAA.

From time to time, information is also collected from non-members for the purpose of participating in events, such as conferences and meetings as well as industry-based training and assessment; non-member information will be treated the same as that of members.

Information will also be used to deliver relevant membership benefits, services and industry activities.

Who will BDAA disclose your personal information to?

Ordinarily BDAA will not disclose personal information collected from you to a person other than yourself, without your consent.

BDAA may share your details with sub-committees of the association, such Building Designers Accreditation & Training (BDA&T) to maintain accurate records of your membership.

BDAA may disclose your personal information to other persons, bodies or agencies without your permission in circumstances where Australian State or Commonwealth Government legislation requires or authorises the disclosure.

Storage of information obtained or disclosed on the BDAA web site and or BDA mobile app

Some of the information that you provide to BDAA or that the we provide to you via the BDA mobile app can and will be stored on your mobile device.

CPD details can be entered into the information register either manually or by the use of a QR code recorder (this QR code will normally only be provided by BDAA), this information will automatically be stored securely on your mobile device as part of the BDA mobile app and can only be accessed and deleted via the different tabs in the BDA mobile app. By accepting the BDA mobile app Terms and Conditions, you consent to all your entered information and the BDA&T information being stored on your device.

Personal information stored on your mobile device as part of the BDA mobile app or disclosed outside of the BDA mobile app by you or an agent of yours using your mobile device, is not controlled by BDAA or BDA&T. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information is protected from loss or misuse.

How to access your personal information

You have the right to request access to any records in BDAA’s possession or associated with the BDA mobile app that contain your personal information. You also have the right to apply to correct any inaccuracies in your personal information in these records; with some levels of membership you will have access to most of your information on the BDAA web site and this will be available through an individualised login facility on the web site.

For any additional access you will have to contact the BDAA Head Office administration (as listed on the BDAA web site) and request a copy of your information which can then be changed by you.