16th July 2018

Running a small business is so tough. Usually, an entrepreneur is pretty much on their own. They need all the help that they can get, and they must work smart. However, technology and time management strategies are now of great assistance to the entrepreneur and can help them to scale and grow their business. There are now productivity hacks that allow a business to be as productive as larger ones and makes them more competitive than ever. These hacks can help a business owner to make their business more effective and even to automate some processes that are key to their business model. Here are some productivity hacks that can help an Australian SME to become even more productive.


This is a relatively easy time-management strategy to boost your productivity. The Pomodoro method is one that encourages workers to work in 25-minute spells and then to rest for five minutes. You need to do this, four times a day and after the fifth time, you can take a break of 20 minutes. This needs to be repeated several times over the course of the day.


Every small business owner is challenged by the need to manage and monitor staff so that they are productive. Deputy is a software package that can do the following. Create rosters, calculate wages, track time and employees work rate. It also has an auto-scheduling function that allows a business owner to manage the workers in ways that make them more efficient.

Technology- that saves time

It is recommended that you concentrate on one technology platform, to prevent confusion and inefficiencies. An entrepreneur can use a platform such as Google’s G Suite. This can help them to better manage their email and devices. It can also allow them to manage more effectively their data and storage.


It is important that every employee in a small business works together. Teamwork is very important. One productivity hack that can be utilized are platforms such as Slack. These allow workers to collaborate online and more efficiently, both in the office and off-site. This is a proven time-efficient way to work. An entrepreneur is able to monitor and control their staff using these platforms.

Social media scheduling

Every small business needs to manage its social media accounts so that they can manage their brand and engage with the customer. There are now many tools available such as Grum, Plann, HootSuite, and Sprout-Social. These can help an entrepreneur to better manage their social media accounts and create a great digital brand for their company and saves precious time.

Virtual Assistants

These are freelancers who work remotely. They can be hired when they are needed, and this is usually experienced in some area. They are often used for back-end roles such as accounts and administration and they can be very cost-effective. Hiring virtual assistants could make a firm much more productive and more competitive.

New customer payment methods

More and more companies in Australia, especially smaller companies are using new technologies such as Square to accept card payments. These technologies can automate online invoicing, inventory management, and offers real-time analytics. These new payment methods can really save time and allow entrepreneurs to be more productive.