The World Green Building Council has released a new report aimed toward reducing the volume of embodied carbon emissions in buildings by 40 percent by 2030, with an ultimate goal of achieving a global landscape of 100 percent net zero buildings by 2050.

According to WGBC, the building and construction sector is responsible for 39 percent of all carbon emissions around the world.

Operational emissions generated from heating, cooling and lighting energy is responsible for 28 percent of all global carbon emissions. The rest precisely, the 11 percent associated with the building and construction fields originates from embodied carbon emissions related to materials and construction processes through the building lifecycle.

The report summons green building councils and other NGOs, governments, cities, investors, developers, designers and materials manufacturers to take action.

It details 25 short- and long-range actions that must be taken to fulfill the requirements of the plan.

This 30-year plan calls for:

  • The creation of national roadmaps that claim a global destination of NetZero
  • The establishment and execution of standards, targets and certification schemes
  • The investment-driven financing of target-adherent buildings, infrastructures and manufacturing plant
  • A call for developers to keep track of supply chain data and construction site emissions
  • A requirement for construction sites to be efficient and powered by renewable energy.
  • The establishment of best practice embodied carbon reduction targets
  • The manufacturing-based transition to renewable or low carbon energy and the open declaration of this shift.

According to the report, the reduction of carbon emissions will help keep global temperature elevations to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

WGBC is also encouraging the maximised use of established assets, the promotion of renovation as opposed to demolition, and the quest for new circular business models that lesson reliance on carbon intensive raw materials.

WGBC chief executive officer Cristina Gamboa heralded by Green Building Council of Australia CEO Davina Rooney regards the report as a solution-focused response to the universal need for the reduction of global emissions for the benefit of both people and the planet.