Refund and Cancellation Policy for the BDAA website transactions – November 2020

This statement outlines how Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) will manage any refunds due to cancellation, termination or withdrawal of the services and offers made available on the BDAA website (, or in any face to face trading.

What billing methods are used by BDAA;
What transactions are conducted on the BDAA website;
What refunds will be made and are not considered;
How will refunds be paid.

What billing methods are used by BDAA

BDAA accepts only payments made by Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa only), Debit Card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for all transactions conducted on the website. Cash payments may be accepted in some face to face circumstance such as Chapter meeting, seminars etc.

What transactions are conducted on the BDAA website

The major transactions conducted are Application for Membership, Upgrade of Membership, Application for Accreditation and Upgrade of Accreditation.
Payments for annual renewals of both Membership and Accreditation are also available.

The Association may also sell books, satchels, clothing, promotional items and the like.

Other activities such as entry to the National Design Awards, registration for the Annual Conference or various Seminars, Chapter meeting and similar events where an entry or participation fee may occur, will have specific ‘Refund and Cancellation Policies’ depending on the timing, venue and or entry requirements and will be clearly defined in the promotion and entry requirements for each activity.

What refunds will be made and are not considered

Where a person applies for Membership or Accreditation all payments and documentary submissions must be complete before the application will be considered.

If an application for Accreditation is refused, no refund will be issued.

Once an application is approved no refund of the Membership or Accreditation fees will be considered if subsequently cancelled by the applicant.

Once an annual renewal is paid for either Membership or Accreditation, and is subsequently cancelled by the member or accredited building designer no refund will be considered.

If a member is deemed to be acting un-ethically or is in violation of the Rules & Regulations of the Association, the member may have her/his membership terminated, at the discretion of the National Management Council, no full or partial refund of Membership fees will be considered.

If a building designer, accredited by BDAA, is deemed to be acting un-ethically or illegally and the accreditation is terminated, no full or partial refund of accreditation fees will be considered.

Where items sold by the Association are found to be damaged or faulty, the customer should return the item/s within a reasonable period of time for replacement or a full refund (which ever is available at that time).

How will refunds be paid

Refunds will normally be made by the same method as the payment was made, however in the cases where cheques have been presented, the cheques will have to clear the banking process before any payment, less appropriate bank charges, will be made.
In the unlikely need for a refund from a cash transaction, or where a cheque has been used, the Association reserves the right to make these refunds using EFT.