The Victorian government summons engineers and those interested in the engineering industry to express their opinions on various issues about the foundation of the Victorian Professional Engineers Registration Scheme.

Feedback is requested regarding:

  • a suggested Code of Conduct that outlines obligations for registered engineers to act in a fair, honest, and in the best interest of their customers
  • proposed rules that establish the phasing schedule in registration to the five designated areas of engineering
  • guidance materials for the Act, such as the designated definition of a ‘professional engineering service’
  • choices for assigning fees connected to the registration and endorsement of professional engineers.

This request accompanies Victoria’s intention to have the new plan in place by July 1, 2021.

As a component of the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019, the new plan will call upon engineers who undertake unsupervised labour in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire safety engineering to be licensed unless they are operating in accordance with a prescribed standard – a document that lists procedures or criteria for engineering services that do not necessitate scientific calculations.

The plan is being put in place due to worries that engineers complete complicated design work essential to safety yet are not subject to control measures in regards to their qualifications.

The period for consultation will be open from Wednesday August 26 until Wednesday 7 October. Related materials will be available from 26 August at

A second round of consultation will be conducted later this year and will highlight proposed registration fees.


Source: Sourceable.Net