According to the findings of the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL), today’s ‘top down’ education approaches—geared toward morphing consumer choices to select sustainable housing options (net zero energy homes, for example)–have not produced successful results.

Yet the group has a solution in mind, this thanks to a project building on key findings of the CRCLCL; findings which show that relating the concepts of sustainability in a more mainstream manner could promote the building and buying of sustainable and energy efficient homes.

This project hopes to promote sustainability via a pilot lifestyle mass media program. Its approach aims to achieve two primary objectives to investigate the use of mainstream media to:

  1. Inspire consumer demand for net zero energy homes; and
  2. Devise a “path to market” for net zero energy house designs and products.

The project was geared toward the validation of viewer engagement, to promote behavioural shifts for the cause of sustainability, the development of a model impact community, and the possibilities for a commercially viable business model. The proposed media plan included:

  1. A half hour pilot TV program published on YouTube, titled ‘Renovate or Rebuild.’
  2. A call to action website featuring related products and resources.
  3. A move to recruit an impact community that will serve to promote the mission and content of the program.
  4. A complete regimen of behavioural science research that centres around focus groups and online analytics.
  5. An integrated plan of social media promotion across major social channels.

This modernistic approach promises to promote sustainable building in a manner that is chic, trendy, and—above all—highly popular among today’s tech-minded, forward-thinking audience; toward a greater goal of creating a greener horizon for Australia’s built environment.