Our friends Willem Overbosch and SDG Align share the amazing news that they have submitted a one of a kind, BDAA-partnered design in a major awards competition. 

SDG’s Double loop design and Ready Reckoner Prototype has been submitted to the Good Design Awards’ Social Impact category. BDAA was a partner in the development of the project, and has been listed as one of the three commissioning associations on the award application.

The Overarching theme of the Good Design Awards this year is “Design for a brighter future”;  and, as Sustainable development is becoming more and more recognized as an important direction for Australian business and design, as states the chairman of the 2021 Design awards listing announcement, this project more than illustrates the theme and mission of this honour.

The awards listing can be found here: https://awards.good-design.org/gallery/gXJWyNpW/jwQYByYM?search=a5760e7a1e0f8a6f-38. Good luck, Willem and SDG Align!