Social and affordable housing reforms

The NSW Government is tackling the housing crisis by facilitating the increased supply of social and affordable housing for low-income households and essential workers.

These reforms were announced in June 2023 and have since been refined after extensive consultation with councils, industry, government agencies and community housing providers.

New bonuses for affordable housing

We have introduced reforms to encourage private developers to build more affordable housing and more housing in general.

These reforms include changes to the Housing SEPP to allow residential developments that include a significant amount of affordable housing delivered under the policy to get up to 30% more floor space and building height.

Find out more on our In-fill affordable housing page.

State significant development for affordable housing

A new state significant development (SSD) pathway has been introduced for residential development with a capital investment value of over $75 million in Greater Sydney, and over $30 million outside Greater Sydney, providing it delivers a significant amount of affordable housing consistent with the state policy.

We have released a range of guidance to help applicants use the new SSD pathway. Find out more on our In-fill affordable housing page.

Changes for government housing agencies

New state significant development pathways will enable government housing agencies to deliver residential developments of over 75 homes more easily.

We’re also enabling Land and Housing Corporation, the Aboriginal Housing Office and Landcom to self-assess more of their social and affordable housing projects to speed up delivery of social housing.

Find out more on our Housing SEPP page.

Other changes

We have also made changes to:
Seniors housing – updated standards and a new Senior Housing Design Guide
Boarding houses – increased floor space ratio bonuses
Build-to-rent housing – minor changes to enable the subdivision of any non-residential component of a mixed-use development
For more information, please visit our Housing SEPP webpage or contact the Housing Policy team at