A resort with a visible and iconic photovoltaic roof has opened in the Maldives. The entire building is designed to optimise the production of electricity and minimize its consumption. Built by New York-based architectural firm Yuji Yamazaki Architecture (YYA), this exclusive holiday destination hopes to showcase the possibilities of sustainable tourism.

The 320-kWp solar system generates enough electricity to power the island retreat without the need for any additional energy supply. The cost savings from the use of sustainable energy mean that the initial expenditure is expected to pay for itself within just five years.

Sustainable design has gone beyond the solar panels, with eco-conscious materials, including sustainably certified forest timber, used in each residence. Natural lighting and airflow is used to maximise energy efficiency, with over 50 per cent of private outdoors decks designed to have a minimum of five hours shade a day.

Private villas come with a large private outdoor deck, uninterrupted sea views, a private infinity pool and a personal butler. The resort features a large swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and wine cellar. Unsurprisingly, accommodation isn’t cheap. Prices for a single night for two people in a one-bedroom residence start from US$4,000, excluding taxes and fees.