Solar power is the wave of the future; a wave currently washing through the borders of Victoria. In fact, Victoria’s newly announced budget features a $1.3 billion commitment for the Solar Victoria project; one set to take effect over the next decade.

Solar Victoria will employ about 100 staff members, whose operations will be based at Morwell in Gippsland—the centre of Victoria’s coal belt–from 2020-21. About a quarter of this staff is already at work in the area as the project commences in earnest.

Stan Krpan, the CEO of Solar Victoria, has seven years’ experience as a Chief Executive Officer of Sustainability Victoria. In this position, he initiated the early stages of the region’s solar program, which generated 32,000 applications regarding projects related to solar photovoltaics, solar hot water systems and batteries.

Among his chief objectives on this current project involves the advanced skills education of electrical apprentices, so they can effectively and successfully manage the operations of solar energy projects in this region.

In an effort to ensure professionally and honestly executed solar power initiatives in Victoria, avoiding situations like the recent insulation controversy in relation to the GFC, Krpan is enlisting the aid of previous contacts from WorkSafe Australia to ensure premium performance on this initiative.

Under this new plan, any and all solar installations must be performed by certified installers, then checked and certified by third-party electricians.

The solar boom is expected to cause a comparable boom in business and industry, with strong representation from manufacturing, installation, investment, and associated services and assemblers.

Overall, Solar Victoria is casting a whole new light on this area—and, for that matter, on the world.