Now hear this! The best acoustics plan will save time, money and material. This is the time for situational acoustic design. This sound plan covers areas where the most amplified, clarified, but never jarring or unpleasant sounds resound.

If you or a client lack the budget to procure recommended acoustical materials, then specialised products may be in order to guarantee the audible comfort of occupants.

FSorb, for example, is a polyester acoustic wall and ceiling panel, as well as what many consider the most cost-efficient, durable, ecoconscious solution available on today’s market.

With many modern, open concept designs including open ceilings and few walls, and many offices operating in a pod formation, with teams working side by side in a single area, ceiling materials must be positioned above these loud areas in patterns that diffuse and block the sound emanating from the adjoining work team.

This situational acoustic design plan, where the panels are positioned in loud spaces, can create sound barriers between teams, as the sound is being absorbed at its source.

By setting acoustic screens between workspaces and common areas, a physical barrier can help. Acoustical screens with negative space patterns included supply ideal absorption from both sides while still admitting light. These lights can be suspended via a track system to set apart spaces where users can shift the mood through the rearrangement of panels.

Classrooms, for their part, need special attention. An evenhanded acoustic plan must be applied, so that all pupils can hear the words of the instructor. In this case, lightly spaced acoustical products are poised at the front of the classroom and are more generously spaced toward the back. In this way, students will be able to hear teachers and classmates with all clarity.

In the case of restaurants, where a lot of folks are speaking very loudly in a battle to be heard, acoustic controls should be considered. These could include sound absorbing and diffusing elements to eliminate the need for amplified voices.

Acoustics are a vital part of building design, as they affect productivity, physical health, and business success. Every space must have a sound.


Source: GBD Magazine.Com