Student Design Brief

The brief and project background

To design a new home or series of buildings on the site where the family currently live, that will accommodate a three-generation family.

Pat & Sally are parents to two boys aged 5 and 9. They both work full-time, however Pat’s hours are more flexible around schooling.

Pat’s mother needs to move in with the family after the passing of her husband. Her health is generally sound; however, she now needs more assistance and is starting to experience some minor mobility issues which have led to two recent falls, which have impacted her confidence. She is excited about living with family and helping to raise her grandsons and she hopes to teach them to cook. Her space will need to be quiet and segregated in some way, yet also feels connected to the family and the garden; a space where she loves spending time. Her space should enable her to live independently, with consideration given to her longer-term mobility needs.

Pat, Sally and the boys lead a busy life and love the outdoors. The home should accommodate 4 bedrooms, one being a guest room. They will need a common living space encompassing a family room, dining space and kitchen, and another space for the boys to watch TV, play games and generally be noisy. Sally often works from home and will need a study space that is quiet, and which enjoys a garden view. The boys are both learning the piano, and a will soon be playing a baby grand piano; which will need to be accommodated, however it cannot be in direct sunlight. The home will need a minimum of 2 bathrooms as well as a laundry and accommodation for two cars and storage for bikes and kayaks.

As a family, they enjoy gardening and making their own tomato sauces and relish, so a well-located vegie garden with lots of sunlight is a must have. The outdoor space should also allow them to BBQ and entertain outdoors, which should feel casual and relaxed and immersed in nature.

The home should be passively warm in winter and cool in summer, and a low-energy home. Pat & Sally have recently been researching biophilic design; which is a concept that appeals and aligns with their healthy lifestyle and love of the outdoors.

About the site

Entrants are to assume that the site is located in their local area and to apply local planning rules accordingly. The location should also be considered in terms of climate driven design choices.

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