Sustainability is a concept that we all wish to achieve in our lives and work; yet how exactly does one achieve this sometimes illusive state? Well on the business end, it is imperative that you first overhaul your own office computer system to be more ecoconscious and system sustainable. And, of course, you must help your clients and customers to be more sustainable in their projects and practices.

How on earth—literally speaking, that is—would one do this? Well here are just a few ideas, presented in the hopefully helpful form of a sustainable to do list for you and your clients:

  1. Save energy through responsible computer usage.
  2. Invest in computer devices that are fast and efficient, that don’t auto-update and download excessively.
  3. On the computer user’s end, you can close all unneeded page tabs while online, watch how many e-mails you send, limit the creation of images and videos, as well as big webpages, host via green cloud services, promote the concept of data visibility, reduce your own carbon emissions, promote the design and use of modular electronics.
  4. In assuming a more sustainable business mode, take small, inexpensive steps first, as opposed to sizable, dramatic changes that might startle clients and employees.
  5. Also show your clients real life, concrete examples of ecoconscious businesses who have found success through sustainable methods, and give them realistic but positive assessments of their own sustainability efforts—how far they’ve come, and how far they have to go.
  6. Stick with your employees, your clients and their employees, and—most importantly—yourself—until you’re good and green! Make sure that you all immerse their entire business structure in a fresh cost of greenery, so to speak—and an eternal coat of lasting sustainability.