The ultimate ecoconscious tower design has arrived, in the form of the 180-metre, 40-storey hybrid timber building in Sydney that will serve as the headquarters of software brand Atlassian.

This exquisite office building actually gives employees a sublime taste of nature in the workplace.

The building will boast exterior terraces brimming with plants, along with a number of “virtual parks” for employee breaktimes.

This tower will be a hybrid work of timber, steel and glass. Overall, the interior structure will decrease the structure’s embodied carbon by as much as 50%.

Employees also may find it easier to keep cool and temperate in this building, which will include a “self-shading” system that helps to mitigate interior heat. Natural ventilation will make for a comfortable workspace.

Solar energy and panels also will play key roles in the building’s structural makeup, and the building will employ 100% renewable energy, will set a net-zero emissions milestone and will be built to stand at least 100 years.

This building will accommodate up to 4,000 Atlassian employees, and will be situated atop a standing youth hostel—but the building’s history goes back farther still. Its structure was built back in the early 1900s, and once served as the arrival point for parcels processed by the Australian postal service.

Although the post office is gone, the hostel will remain—an act intended to maintain the building’s heritage.

Construction on this one of a kind sustainable structure is scheduled to begin next year, and is set for completion in 2025. This timber structure will serve as the premiere building in a new precinct identified as Tech Central–Australia’s answer to Silicon Valley.


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