Hytte is a new hotel and retreat idea situated around stylish prefab modular cabins that meet the morphing needs of the contemporary traveller. Designed by Koto Design in conjunction with Aylott + Van Tromp, Hytte empowers landowners, developers and hospitality operators to build retreats in natural surroundings that will play to a new generation of travellers who merge their dislike of mass market holidays and overwhelming commercialism with a burgeoning cognisance of the environment.

With the universal pandemic prompting individuals to redefine the conventional concept of a holiday amongst social distancing and movement restrictions, it’s feasible that the future of travel can be found in more abbreviated vacation destinations reachable by automobile, bicycle or foot paired with a preference for isolated accommodations.

Hytte, which translates to cabin in Norwegian, embodies an alternate hospitality solution defined by its simplicity, scalability and adaptability to various needs and requirements. These turnkey sustainable cabins have been built in off-the-shelf designs and co-branded units for hoteliers and leisure operators.

The cabin comes in an elegant and functioning sculptural formation with large glazing that frames forest views and meadows, according to Theo Dales, founding partner at Koto.

The cabin’s modular structure permits the operator to expand and build a cluster of cabins in numerous configurations inspired by a conventional village community. Being prefab, these cabins can be erected with little impact on the site. Each luxury cabin offers a living area, sleeping place, bathroom and kitchenette.

Hytte is looking for partners to evolve the present hospitality and tourism accommodation model from standing hotel brands to new start-up ventures, states Nathan Aylott – co-founder Hytte/Aylott + Van Tromp.

The minimalist Nordic look reflected in each Hytte cabin conveys a sense of escapism, with every one designed to blend flawlessly into its natural surroundings to create a localised connection with the guest. Uniting Koto Design’s knowledge of prefab architecture with Aylott + Van Tromp’s leisure and hospitality design track record, every cabin can be customised and furnished to adhere to the locale, design tastes or branding needs.

The objective and end goal is escapism—done comfortably and sustainably.

Source: Architecture and Design.Com.Au