Paris’ Vincent Callebaut Architectures is revealing new photographs of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, a LEED Gold-certified high-rise tower scheduled for completion later in 2021. Situated in the financial district of Taiwan’s capital, the award-winning vertical forest structure was designed by the architects as an “anti-global warming and carbon-absorbing ecosystem” and will include about 23,000 trees, shrubs and plants on the ground floor, balconies and terraces. The architects believe that the 21-story building will absorb about 130 tons of carbon annually.

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan — once called the Agora Garden — features 20 floors of luxury apartments expected to be the most costly rental per square foot in Taipei. Designed to replicate the double helix structure of DNA, the building’s twisting formation permits beautiful panoramic city views from each floor. Two apartments are located per floor, which feature spacey 165-square-meter open-air private terraces. Each column-free floor rotates by 4.5 degrees clockwise, creating a 90-degree difference between the ground floor and the top level.

Since seismic activity and tropical typhoons are commonplace in Taiwan, the architects supported Tao Zhu Yin Yuan with a suspended structural system and a Vierendeel truss system to guarantee elevated earthquake and weather resistance. To adhere to LEED Gold standards, the energy-efficient structure is wrapped in a double-skin facade and features natural ventilation chimneys, a rainwater recycling system, LEDs and solar panels to create renewable energy.

The objective is to create a Vertical Forest that helps win the fight against global warming.

Source:  Inhabitat.Com