Lift Bali, the Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel, offers a collection of rooms perched high in the trees. Designer Alex Dornier designed these unique thatched roof rooms, each named in honour of a pop culture icon and artistic luminary, to place atop spindly steel bases, providing a strong but airy vantage point from which one can enjoy unparalleled views.

All of the treehouse suites at Lift Bali are unique in their design. One unit boasts a green colour and a double-level room. A second is painted ebony and offers sizable windows. Another is a wood-clad unit with a more conventional structure. Each room features modern style, naturally culled furniture, a king-sized bed, a bathroom with shower, complimentary Wi-Fi, and an exterior space, all reachable by way of spiral staircases that wrap about the metal stilts.

Dornier says that the Lift Bali tree house project is a standing example of light sustainable building design with an aura of impermanence. For more information, please visit