Thanks to the carbon footprint issue, more building designers are turning to timber. And as a result, many hybrid wooden towers are rising from the ground and taking shape. The most major project of this variety will be a new office block planned for Sydney, with software company Atlassian revealing plans for its new headquarters, set to be designated as the tallest hybrid timber tower across the globe.

A number of timber towers have been under development in the past few years, such as Shigeru Ban’s Terrace House in Vancouver, 19 stories, and Earth Tower of Canada; both known for their record-setting height.

Designed as a team effort with the New York firm SHoP and Australian design practice BVN, Atlassian’s new headquarters will be built 40 stories in height, standing 180 m (590 ft) in height. The Earth Tower is expected to spring upward to 40 floors.

Atlassian founders intend the project to be both sustainable and flexible, and will be built to accommodate the future world of work.

Making up the Atlassian HQ’s 40 stories is a 480-bed hostel located on the lower floors, which will be renovated as a component of the project, while a standing heritage parcel shed will be integrated into the building. The rest of the space will shelter approximately 4,000 Atlassian employees.

The building also will feature an integrated mixture of interior and exterior spaces, including sizable terraces, placed in a manner that enhances natural ventilation to minimise energy needs. 

Solar panels will be worked into the façade of glass and steel, and Atlassian states that its new headquarters will employ 50 percent less energy than a traditional structure, while the building process will incorporate 50 percent less embodied carbon. It will run on renewable energy from its opening day.

The new Atlassian headquarters will be based in a tech precinct for Sydney, which the state government hopes will draw about 25,000 employees. Construction is scheduled to begin next year and be finished in 2025.