The 13th Annual Sustainability Awards, sponsored by Architecture & Design magazine, is a ‘green award’ meant to honour the built environment.

The focus of this year’s awards program was function, form and fastidiousness. From an original pool of 198 entries, a record-breaking 65 finalists were selected. And 17 winners were selected.

The Winners:

Single Dwelling (New)- Welcome to the Jungle – CplusC Workshop

Welcome to the Jungle House is the sustainable home of CplusC Architectural Workshop’s director Clinton Cole, partner Hanne and their three offspring. The three-story house is constructed with a remodeled heritage façade of a long vacant two-storey shop-top house located on a 98sqm triangular shaped corner site with north, east and west solar access and outlook. Openings are framed in pre-rusted Corten steel, juxtaposing new perforations through the outwardly rendered masonry façade framed in gloss white powder coated steel.

The interstitial cavity between the outer masonry and inner glass skin of the residence supplies light, outlook, privacy and thermal regulation to the upper living floors. Galvanised steel planter beds supply the bracing between the two skins and brim with plants that cool the incoming breezes via transpiration. A 1600L aquaponics fishpond is connected in a cyclical system to the accessible rooftop of planter beds, supplying native Australian plants and fruit and vegetables nutrient enriched water elicited by the edible silver perch (fish) that inhabit the pond.

Judges commended the designers for the exotic beauty and daring originality of the design.

Multiple Dwelling – Nightingale Architecture- Six Degrees + Hip v Hype Architecture

Nightingale 2.0 in Fairfield is the second Nightingale Model project, a triple bottom line development model creating environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. Nightingale 2.0 is a free-standing, 5 level, 20-unit apartment building with an active ground plane consisting of 3 tenancies. The structure is adjacent to Fairfield Station, in a small neighbourhood precinct. Judges commended the unique ecological value of the project.

Prefab + Modular – Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School – BVN

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School is a K-6 North Strathfield school accommodating 420 pupils. The design brings to life the school’s vision of providing spaces that inspire imagination, innovation, independent learning and student well-being.

The project renovates a 1970s three storey former Telstra training centre made of concrete.

The facade was replaced and most of the walls demolished, producing design accents such as an additional level, a 4-storey atrium as main entry connecting all learning areas, a new hall, arts space, balconies and roof-top playgrounds added as a prefabricated mass-timber construction. The learning spaces are open and inviting, with nooks, moveable furniture, large sliding panels, and more.

Highly Commended–South Cres – Arkit Waste Elimination

Carpets Inter is responsible for the invention of the revolutionary carpet tile backing known as, EcoSoft–manufactured from upcycled plastic bottles. Ranking high among debris causing the deaths of millions of marine animals yearly, the popularity of plastic bottles makes them a particular threat.

EcoSoft, a high-performance carpet cushion backing, is culled from 80 percent post-consumer material reengineered from discarded drinking water bottles as well as 5 percent post-industrial recycled PET.

HC – Seagrass stimulation integrated System – COLUMBUS Group

Education + Research -Beaumaris North Primary School – ARKit

Beaumaris North Primary School is a project of the Victorian State government’s Permanent Modular School Buildings Program, which concerns the removal of asbestos from Victorian schools. The brief called for the complete removal of standing buildings and the building of a new teaching and learning facility.

ARKit designed and built a pair of classrooms, a flexible multipurpose space, a well-being room, and teachers’ workspace, as well as landscaping additions like a new playground with integrated mounds, sand pits, and slides. The design fulfills the school’s vision for a school of passive spaces that would engage student learning in a state-of-the-art facility.

HC- Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School – BVN

Commercial (Large) – Arup Melbourne Workplace – HASSELL in partnership with Arup

Located in One Melbourne Quarter, Docklands, this design transformed a large commercial workspace in a way that employed ecological materials, designer furniture, and efficient use of space and purpose to create a multi-award-winning vision of the future that promotes both sustainability and staff well-being.

Emerging Architect / Designer – Oliver Steele – Steele Associates

A designer that takes risk in his quest for absolute sustainability in his designs, Steele also educates the public about sustainable building through online videos, conference presentations, and public events, etc.

Landscape + Biophilia – Biophilic Design for the City of Hope Eco Housing – SCHIMMINGER ARCHITECTS

The mission of City of Hope is to establish a foundation for a sustainable future. The city’s homes supply respite and an interconnedtedness with the environment.

Best Adaptive Reuse – Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School – BVN

Women in Sustainability -Natasha Mulcahy – Sekisui House Australia

Mulcahy is the Sustainability manager for West Village, the $1 billion urban renewal project located in Brisbane’s West End. Her goal to create livable cities has enhanced her role as a senior member of the development team for this 2.6 ha site, formerly Peter’s Ice Cream factory. She was key in negotiating sustainability requirements with the government and has guided all sustainability initiatives at West Village. In 2017, she was honoured with a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating for the project.

Public + Urban design -Yerrabingin Indigenous Rooftop Farm – Mirvac

Yerrabingin, or “We walk together”, was started in 2018 by Clarence Slockee and Christian Hampson. This visionary start-up seeks to put an end to Aboriginal disadvantage and generate intergenerational capital for future generations. This is an Indigenous rooftop farm in the South Eveleigh precinct; one that transformed the Australian Technology Park (ATP) to a destination for work, diverse retail and the community. The new precinct, South Eveleigh, is a state-of-the-art work and lifestyle destination that enriches the existence of its member communities while still celebrating Indigenous culture.

HC —Bendigo Hospital – Exemplar Health Future Sustainability Leader -HY William Chan

William Chan is empowering refugee youth to design their own built environments through an award-winning, life-changing desktop tool that upcycles plastic waste found in refugee camps into 3D-printed shelter elements and educates young people in environmental sustainability. The judges called this project innovative, creative and ambitious.

HC- Oliver Steele – Steele Associates

Green Building Product -‘Off the Grid’ – Carbon Neutral, Cradle to Cradle commercial carpet – Shaw Contract Australia

Off the Grid, a Carbon Neutral commercial carpet, ranks as the world’s first Carbon Neutral, Cradle to Cradle, Red List Chemical Free commercial carpet collection manufactured in a 100 percent carbon neutral facility. Inspired by the environment, the carpet comes adorned with beautiful patterns that mirror the natural world.

Intelligent Building – Welcome to The Jungle House – CplusC Architectural Workshop

The holistically sustainable and livable home received a second honour.

HC -Mirvac’s South Eveleigh Building – Mirvac Constructions

Single Dwelling (ALT / ADD) Imprint House – Anderson Architecture

Imprint House, Anderson’s Architecture’s winning design (, was a project drawing upon a client brief with a focus on sustainability. Morphing a dark, inefficient cottage to a sublime green home in a Heritage Conservation Zone, the Imprint design stands as a massive overhaul of the home’s thermal performance that still retained the provincial charm of the original design. Its innovative design accents include numerous space-saving measures, an energy efficient concrete slab at the rear, hydronic floor heating, an energy efficient heat pump system, a solar roof, a 7.2 star Bers Pro thermal performance rating, and double-glazed, timber windows specified for thermal efficiency and low carbon impact.

HC- The Tree House – Adapt Architecture

Commercial (Small) -Dales of Derby – Philip M Dingemanse

The introductory building to the village of Derby, this exquisite timber, gable roofed staying place for tourists also boasts solar roofs and waste treatment, a beautiful natural design, and a definite sense of fun.

Best of the Best City of Hope Eco Housing – SCHIMMINGER ARCHITECTS

According to judges, this project is what sustainability is all about.