DesignInc Architects’ Glenroy Community Hub aims to achieve Passive House and Living Building Challenge Petal certifications upon completion later in 2021, in what will prove a milestone for Australian community centres.

The $30m project was initiated with community consultation as its aim, with Moreland City Council planning for the building to achieve the certifications, that reflect the Council’s and community’s unified support of sustainable design.

The certifications assess environmental performance, but also take into consideration elevated comfort standards to guarantee the health, good spirits and wellbeing of visitors.

Stephen Webb, DesignInc Director, proclaims that the design reflects many biophilic and sustainable design qualities.

The design of the structure emphasises reconnecting people with nature and supplying natural experiences, he said.

DesignInc was impressed by the attitude that the Moreland City Council introduced to the project, and the motivation to reign as a leader in sustainable projects in Victoria and Australia.

Each local council desires value for the money for their projects – but Moreland City Council sets their aspirations higher, by intending the project as a real catalyst for social change, according to Project Leader, DesignInc Associate Kieran Leong.

Through projects such as this one, said Leong, Moreland City Council is demonstrating genuine leadership in sustainable design.

DesignInc and Moreland envision the project as a strategic intervention to shatter the cycle of generational disadvantage. The concept that this project shows how community buildings can inspire social change coincides with DesignInc’s attitude that healthy buildings facilitate resilient communities.

With a spotlight on battling disadvantage at the earliest age, the Glenroy Community Hub will provide passages into education, health and wellbeing for inhabitants, particularly those facing challenges. Under a single roof in a park setting, the hub will provide an array of family and kids’ services to support, inspire and interconnect them.

A library, maternal and child health services facilities, multipurpose spaces and a landscaped forecourt arbour all rank as highlights of the centre, with DesignInc designing modern spaces with sustainable and contemporary practices in focus.

It is the aim of Glenroy’s new core to nurture a healthier, more powerful and more binding community.

The Glenroy Community Hub is set for completion by mid-2021. For more info, click here.


Image credits by DesignInc Architects