The current cladding issue is a widescale problem impacting a large number of apartment owners who attained compliant buildings, just to find themselves fixing the mistakes of builders and others who repaired noncomplying cladding on their building.

Relief appears to be in store for Victorians, according to Premier Andrews’ announcement of the intended establishment of a body titled ‘Cladding Safety Victoria.’ With details of this venture forthcoming, residents in other areas await solutions to the large-scale cladding problems.

Another major issue involves the Professional Indemnity insurance (PI) that Building Surveyors/Certifiers must attain; it is required by law, in fact, that they must have a PI policy with no conditions imposed—and which effectively sets into motion their licence/registration, empowering them to operate as licenced Surveyors/Certifiers.

The few remaining Professional Indemnity insurers are withdrawing their products—thus indicating that any Surveyor’s PI insurance policy that comes due from this point forward can no longer attain mandated PI Insurance; which in turn indicates that they can no longer perform their roles, and that the building industry will be severely impacted as Surveyors can’t issue permits, perform inspections nor issue occupancy certificates.

Yet on 3 July 2019, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission declared that the QBCC’s decisions will make room for certifiers to continue work while the laws are changed.

This allowance in turn will allow for an extension of turn-around time for the processing of certifier licence renewals. So if certifiers lodge an application for licence renewal prior to their expiration date, the license will stay active until the QBCC issues a decision on the matter.

In regards to the mandatory possession of Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance; if the Certifier possesses current and comprehensive PI Insurance, or up to date PI Insurance excluding combustible cladding, and you still maintain a licence, then you still may provide certification services in Queensland.

Apart from Queensland, other regions risk a major shutdown because of the insurance situation.

Builders Warranty Insurance (BWI) affects many homeowners and leads to a number of disputes with builders.

Many consumers, in fact, are finding their finances depleted as they engage in legal battles with builders to get major building defects repaired.

Many experts believe that the building industry is facing a major problem and is in need of more solid and effective leadership. This brand of leadership, they assert, is not in keeping with present day needs and values in Australia. And they call specifically on Prime Minister Morrison to establish a Royal Commission to launch an investigation into the industry. This and related actions, they feel, may finally make a desperately needed difference.