Making long airline flights more sustainable is the ultimate purpose of a newly designed airplane under development at TU Delft and KLM; and amazingly, this same model can be stored and flown into and out of existing airports as well.

The Flying-V boasts a revolutionary all-wing design inspired by the thesis project that TU Berlin student Justus Benad undertook at Airbus Hamburg. Its wingspan will equal that of the Airbus A350 but will be shorter in length, thus accommodating the plane’s structure to fit into hangars, gates and runways. Along similar lines, the airplane will serve the same amount of passengers (314) and cargo (169m3) as predecessors.

So what is different—and infinitely more sustainable—about this plane? Well according to Dr. Roelof Vos, project leader at TU Delft, The Flying-V is smaller in size and consists of less inflow surface area as compared to the A350. The plane offers less resistance, and thus requires less fuel to go the same distance.

The Flying-V airplane also aims to enhance passenger comfort, with seats, bathrooms, and the interior as a whole designed to make every journey easier and more pleasant. And its ultimate aim, says designers, is one of emission free flight and true sustainable change.