The flourishing indoor gardening movement, presented at CES 2020 this year, is empowering those with a green thumb to create in-home gardens that bloom all year long.

LG’s indoor farm appliance provides the basis of many indoor gardens, as it is a built-in, columned indoor garden that integrates lighting, temperature and water control into its design.

LG supplements this design via all-in-one seed packets and a growth monitoring app, one that empowers the gardener to produce enough home-grown food to nourish a family of four.

The appliance duplicates ideal outdoor conditions by adhering the temperature within the insulated cabinet to the time of day.

The LED lights, air circulation and wick-based water management system enables the produce to swiftly grow beside the automated gardening solution’s non-circulating water supply mechanism.

The core technology, which distributes the water supply evenly, allows the plant to flourish healthily, as it prevents the development of algae and odours for a hygienic green enclosure.

Another company, n.thing–a South Korean agriculture start-up–has created a ‘planty cube’, a complex automated vertical farming system that enables consumers to keep crops at any place and time.

Cubes, blocks, and cells make up the hydroponic planty cube farm, offered in a shipping container, with the squares evenly stacked with rows of plant shelves.

A computerised system regulates the environment by monitoring the plants’ well-being, adjusting the environment in accordance.

These alternatives to glasshouse production are health-conscious, ecoconscious, and now available for green conscious green thumbs everywhere.