What is the model for the perfect remodel? Here are some tips and tricks for achieving the ideal renovation project.

The first step is to hire a top-quality design team; one lead by a competent designer and featuring a capable team of consultants.

A good building designer will compile a comprehensive project overview, with information pertinent to your home—taking into account your budget and the capabilities and possibilities of your house and site.

Before you meet with prospective designers, find photos and make sketches of your envisioned dream home. Collect images of your favourite styles, shoot pictures of houses you find attractive, go to home shows (https://www.sydneyhomeshow.com.au/), and peruse home magazines that include House and Garden, Architecture, Home Beautiful, Belle, and Habitus, as well as the real estate section of local newspapers like North Shore Times. Online visit Realestate.com.au at https://www.realestate.com.au/ and Domain at https://www.domain.com.au/.

Also take a good look at your home style as it exists, identifying areas you are pleased with and those that need improvement. Compile a list of your requirements and desires, in the order of their importance.

Bring ideas, imagination and workable concepts to the design table, that the designer can hone and develop to their satisfaction—and to the satisfaction of the builder, certifier, council, consultants, and of course you!

Choose a building designer at the Building Designers Association of Australia, an architect at Australian Institute of Architects. Also consult Martin Kolarik Home Design.

A professional home renovation team also will include a local Council/ Certifier, a hydraulic engineer, a structural engineer, a surveyor, a builder, a town planner, a bushfire consultant, a heritage consultant, a real estate agent, family and friends, and your bank.

Each of these specialists will give you volumes of sometimes diverse and conflicting information, which you can merge into the final ‘book’ of your design plan.

Once your project has been conceptualised, outlined and submitted for approval, you still have a lot of work to do. This is the time to start shopping for fittings, finishes, and other details in anticipation of the construction phase.

With your designer’s aid and consultation, pick out your appliances for your kitchen, laundry room, and entertainment room; fittings for the vanity and bath; bathroom and kitchen tiles; interior and exterior paint colours; windows; lighting features; floor coverings; blinds and curtains.

Transform your home model into a journey of discovery; one that will result in the creation and design of your perfect home.