Australian construction firm Probuild announced it has deployed a system that tracks the whole façade and provides automation for key processes and payments through blockchain at its Melbourne West Side Place Tower 2 project on Melbourne’s Spencer Street.

The system – developed by Probuild in partnership with IoT startup Ynomia and utilises CSIRO’s Bluetooth Low Energy Aware Tracking technology, is being utilised to track more than 7,000 curtain wall panels in conjunction with its construction.

With this system, every panel is automatically tracked by way of eight ‘milestone’ stages without the involvement of humans to physically scan every material and asset at every stage.

The technology has facilitated the trial of a contracts and payments system administered on a private blockchain hyper ledger operated by US technology company BRIQ, which intends to bring to completion partial payments at critical milestones within the supply chain.

This means that suppliers are instantly compensated for their completion of work projects at each stage rather than requiring a wait time up to two months.

Probuild Managing Director Luke Stambolis stated the technology has alleviated the level of supervision needed across supply chain management, contract administration, site supervision, QA, safety, project management and executive management.

Supply chains for high value materials, particularly those that are manufactured internationally, were marked by lengthy lead-times, absence of flexibility and a lot of communication and data differences between stakeholders – issues that are substantial contributors to project delays, Stambolis stated.

Conventionally, top value materials were manually tracked through sizable, complicated spreadsheet systems in which the manufacturer was the solitary source of truth, lowering supply chain transparency and accountability. These conventional work flows also hinder the recording of accurate, dependable historical data, for project performance monitoring and tomorrow’s bid planning. This move leads to a more refined focus on the overall quality of the work.

This is because the technology involved is live and transparent, with everyone in the know and all work completed on schedule.

In the time of COVID, this form of tracking technology was important to traceability and reliance on the supply chains.

For the West Side Place project, Probuild has broadened the technology to encompass a digital twin of the tower that displays the status of every panel in the manufacture, delivery and installation procedure in real time.

The graphic oriented, colour-coded representation is accessible by stakeholders by way of a secured website.

Stambolis states that Probuild is now utilising bot on the application of the BLEAT Technology and the digital twin on projects in its portfolio.


Source: Sourceable.Com