Hugging House is a contemporary eco-home design idea that offers a garden roof and blends its natural landscape.

Noting the devasting effects of climate change, most contemporary designers seek inspiration from the natural world. That could mean a self-sustainable residence using a ‘passive house’ building method or incorporating biophilia into the design, designers interpret the ecosystems in novel ways.

Cuba’s Veliz Arquitecto envisioned a contemporary eco home known as Hugging House that integrates the landscape’s rolling terrain and surrounding trees into the design of the building.

Hugging House is a sizable, two-level, cantilevered house situated between dense forestry and overhead treetop canopies. The dual sections that make up Hugging House merge in a holistic hug. Concrete slabs make up the house’s surrounding driveway that accesses the ground level and outdoor leisure space.

Veliz Arquitecto’s Hugging House remains in its concept phase; but if realized, Hugging House’s locale would be included in the layout of the house. Veliz Arquitectos says that the slopes and vegetation of the area will be incorporated into the home’s design.

Merging the exterior areas with the totality of the house’s design inspired great design choices like a garden roof and abstract overall frame. The Hugging House’s garden roof is situated in a terrace-like enclosure where residents can be one with nature.

Hugging House also offers a swimming pool, fire pit, and concrete driveway. The interior features a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and laundry room.

Designer: Veliz Arquitecto

The interior also offers garden walls and ceilings to advance the home’s biophilic design principle. 

On the second level, natural stone walls line the bedroom.

The dining area and bar room offer a delightful contrast of bright and dark design elements. 

A floating staircase transports guests from the living room to the second floor; thus completing this beautiful, nature born design.


Image credits by Veliz Arquitecto