The Danish word Hygge brings to mind an image of infinite comfort that arises from the beauty and serenity of family life. Hygge is now an architectural and interior design style that brings this aura to life. Grandio, an architectural firm based in Córdoba, Argentina, launched a prefabricated concrete home deemed Hüga inspired by the hygge existence.

Hüga was conceptualised, designed, and constructed within 24 months, during which Grandio’s team of designers constructed a 45 m2 residence with area available for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. To guarantee that Hüga could be transported anywhere and installed on-site, the team at Grandio devised a system of lightweight polymer molds to construct the house’s “structural shell” so that it could be reinforced with concrete and keep its form. Weighing about 55-Tn, Hüga entails a team and machines for transportation but can be positioned in accordance with the resident’s taste.

Grandio adorned the interior with materials and energy sources that supply comfort, livability, weatherproofing and optimum energy consumption. Residents of Hüga must connect electricity, water power, and sewer systems, but the team at Grandio pre-certified the house to adhere to Leeds standards and promote sustainable building tools and materials, along with energy practices and performance. Residents may decorate the spacious, well-lit Hüga in accordance with their taste and take even more comfort in the fact that the home’s smart performance and green energy guarantee good living.

Hygge is a study in quiet, sustainable living—one custom made for these times.


Source: Yanko Design