A trio of Australian cities has been ranked among the 20 healthiest cities across the globe, with Canberra ranked no. 5, Adelaide no. 11 and Brisbane no. 19.

The related study, conducted by Money.co.uk, analysed nations and communities on a half dozen important factors that work together to create a healthful lifestyle: obesity levels, life expectancy, the cost to be healthful, pollution levels, safety score and sunlight hours.

Canberra, the 5th healthiest city universally, boasts a superior healthcare system that supplies safe and cost-efficient care to residents, a sun-drenched location that supplies the population with Vitamin D, and a low crime rate.

Enforcement of environmental laws and a guarantee of stability rank among frequent drivers behind the world’s healthiest communities.

These healthy cities have promoted ecoconsciousness by enforcing new laws to counteract practices that lead to climate change. The pledges to go carbon neutral, drive electric cars and use renewable sources of energy (Helsinki and Edinburgh) are some of the steps that these cities are taking to ensure a greener and more sustainable future. 

Stability is another consideration, as are safety and educational opportunities, as well as abundant benefits available for those who need them.

Australia ranks 27th among healthy countries, this also owing to its clean air and good life expectancy, people’s relationship with food, active lifestyles, social interactions and mental wellbeing. In short, this is a place where folks are more likely to remain healthy and happy.


Source: Architecture and Design.Com.Au