In Vancouver, vacant spaces are being morphed into Shifting Nests, a revolutionary concept in sustainable tiny homes created by designer BLA Design Group. This amazing housing project involves the transformation of vacant parking lots into a residential community that comes complete with gardens and cost-efficient houses. The ‘nests’ of the title form a prefabricated housing solution built from plywood, metal cladding, and corrugated polycarbonate established on a structure of simple frames. This homey concoction is arranged via a linear plan layout, organised into zones for resting, bathing, cooking, living, dining, and farming.

Shifting Nests claimed first place in the Bee Breeders 2019 Mircohome design competition for its forward-thinking approach to cost-efficient, ecoconscious housing. The buildings are adorned in a casual style—one wonders what sustainable features will be added to the design, whether they take the form of solar panels, recyclable furniture, self-sustaining gardens for community produce.

This revolutionary housing mode just goes to show that micro living can make a big difference in the future of sustainable design.

Source: Yanko Design.Com