The term Beauty in Scale has never been more appropriate, as a collection of tiny homes have been constructed in Southport on The Gold Coast. Built on properties ranging from 38sqm in size, these revolutionary residences comprise The ENVI Micro Urban Village; a development featuring nine homes occupying 10 of the smallest freehold lots in Australia.

The project of architect Amy Degenhart, FRAIA, of degenhart SHEDD, and her business partner, planner Nicole Bennetts, PIA, the homes have been developed on a worksite sized 673sqm, on the corner of Meron and Lenneberg streets; a site that previously hosted a single home!

The tiniest of these tiny homes, known as the ‘Pico Pod’, measures 61sqm of internal space located on a 38sqm lot, the customary size of a typical double garage. The one-bedroom, two-bathroom residence sold for about $300,000—and to someone about to embark on the experience of first-time home ownership.

First-time home buyers, in fact, comprise 70 percent of residents at the village, with the rest including second home buyers and empty-nesters.

The project is intended to offer plentiful and affordable housing options in an urban setting, while still offering luxurious, space-making accents such as second floors, generous glazing and high ceilings. Buyers can save additional money by opting out of car spaces on this property, which is within walking distance of public transport, health and recreation amenities, shopping, restaurants, cafes, schools, parklands and employment opportunities.

These tiny houses are bound to offer big residential options for Southport residents.