Last year’s Young Architects Competitions (YAC) featured a stand out among 30 shortlisted concept designs, in the form of the Hyperloop Desert Campus by Begum Aydinoglu of Pada Labs, Mariana Custodio Dos Santos, and Juan Carlos Naranjo. The design challenge centered around the building of a structure in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, that is one part the future of transport, another part “sanctuary of science.” And, of course, the overall design had to catch the eye.

The team focused on current environmental challenges and conjured a design that emphasised environmental sustainability, resilience, and knowledge sharing. Hyperloop Desert Campus will be a project that houses multi-dimensional attractions. The team re-envisioned the Mojave Desert, the driest desert in the US, as an oasis in their design. The campus includes a stadium-like look with smoothed curves bordering a quartet of courtyards that offer aquatic elements to facilitate the growth of tall palm trees and greenery which will facilitate natural cooling and ventilation in the area. Hyperloop’s looping structure will come complete with solar panel farms installed on its sides to create renewable energy to power the campus, while the four courtyards will be designed to allow for rainwater collection and greywater recycling.

The designers focused on the symbiosis between the rough landscape and cutting edge technology, giving form to The Hyperloop Desert Campus. The building was designed to emerge gracefully from the desert ground of Nevada, spiraling upward to mirror the speed of travel. The sizable corridors encircle these Oasis, crossing and interchanging levels, likening complicated interchange high-ways in form and function. The past year has been a lesson in resilience, the concept that forms the core of Hyperloop Desert Campus—information about which will be shared with educational tours, many technical cores that form a fail-safe emergency system, and built-in expandability with changeable interiors to permit for flexible future development.

Source: Yanko Design