The ceiling can literally take a room and a home to a higher level—most literally!

Case—and ceiling—in point: In creating the ultimate decorative ceiling for Wexler’s in San Francisco, the Aidlin Darling Design studio in San Francisco, California, created a work of art that starts in the form of a little overhang above the entry into the barbecue restaurant and then flows gracefully inward. The installation consists of sparkling laser-cut MDF fins which formulate undulating shapes and renders graceful and fluid to the restaurant’s overall design. The ceiling is a contemporary accent to a historic structure. The MDF fins shine forth with an ebony finish and is intended to liken the smoke and charred wood associated with the barbecue experience.

California’s Tsujita LA restaurant also boasts a bright decorative ceiling, designed by Takeshi Sano—a designer who found a muse in radiant images of the Izumo shrine in Japan. The ceiling installation can be seen from the interior and—drawing from the basic material of wooden sticks—conveys the likeness of ethereal clouds. A total of 25, 000 sticks went into the construction of this ultimate sustainable ceiling, geometrically designed through an arrangement of the wood rods for added texture and presentation.

LaPilar is a restaurant located in southern Spain, a two-floor eatery boasting a myriad of designs. The ground floor is overseen by a sculptural ceiling installation designed by Pulpas Studio, culled from an arty combination of cut wood logs and green glass bottles and arranged in an arty pattern. The wood pieces appear to float, lending texture, warmth and movement to the entire floor. The glass bottles add a forest-like feel to the proceedings.

The humble wooden bead was selected as the central material for the beautiful ceiling design of the Mành Mành hair salon in Hanoi, Vietnam. The ceiling is adorned with 200,000 beads, with the installation being the creation of H&P Architects. The design team partnered with the salon’s employees and volunteers to handcraft the individual strands. Every strand includes an average of 11 beads, some shorter, some lengthier, to cultivate this gorgeous design. All the beads shine forth with a natural wood colour—save for those at the tip of each ebony strand. The light infiltrates the strands and reflects a magical and sociable feel.

The public lounge area that forms part and parcel of the student centre at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada, is overseen by a sculptured ceiling designed by Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes. The ceiling is made up of sizable wood ribs placed parallel to create a wavelike illusion. They flow gracefully from ceiling to wall to create a seating area at the create. The ribs are separated by shafts of light to create a lovely vision.

The use of wooden rods as ceiling adornments forms the centrepiece of the Nargile bar design in Bulgaria. This contemporary design from KMAN Studio has been adorned with 7456 wooden dowels of varying lengths to comprise a wavy design that crosses the entire ceiling. This brightens the bar and greatly enhances the overall design.