A forest house located in Rankoshi, Japan, designed and constructed by studio Florian Busch Architects in 2020, bears an amazing likeness to a tree branch. The home is situated in a clearing and is near a ski area-rendering this the ideal spot for a vacation retreat.

The owners did indeed yearn for a forest vacation house, one that seemed one with nature. They yearned for a second home near the edge of the forest, where it could be shielded by a canopy of trees.

The home is built horizontally, with the living area situated on a single floor. Branching out in the literal sense, the house branches out with an organic shape and volumes that face differing directions and expand outward from the centre. Every ‘branch’ is open at the end, with a sizable panorama window that supplies an ideal view. This unique layout arranges all inside spaces in separate sections.

This design empowers occupants to enjoy both private and communal time—and, most of all, to enjoy nature.

A small rural road provides the sole access point to the site, surrounded by a concealing mound. Statuesque pine trees encircle the home—which, when one thinks about it, is all too fitting.

Let’s hope that, with all of the beautiful woodland areas spanning Australia, additional ‘branches’ of the branch house will be planned in this region soon.


Source: Home Edit.Com