Legos often are considered classic playthings; but could they double as home décor?

Well as it happens, a London model home counts 2 million Legos as building blocks! A standing and very colourful component of an art installation intended to demo the toy company’s new Lego Dots product; a new variation on the timeless toy that boasts a circular shape.

For the model home project, Lego joined forces with artist Camille Walala to design a five-room home comprised of eight shipping containers. The house’s entire interior — including the walls, floors and decor — is covered in Lego toy tiles.

Walala notes that the model contains all the rooms that one would expect from any given domicile: namely, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and—of course—a disco room! She says that it took approximately four months for a team of engineers, designers, architects, Lego enthusiasts, and even a Lego master builder to plan and construct the Lego home.

The kitchen serves up a brilliant display of primary colours, and is the artist’s favourite room of the home; one that she collaborated on with a group of child designers. The bathroom comes complete with a stylish black and white colour scheme and a ball-pit-style tub. And the house’s furnishings, including a coffee table and a floor lamp, shine forth with Lego Dots.

All home components had to coincide with the Lego system scale, with consideration given to the number of tiles needed to create a specific pattern. The home as a whole was displayed in London earlier this month at Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross. Build your own homes from Lego Dots, regardless of their scale, when the toy hits the shelves in March.