In the past, Australia has been hesitant in embracing the pre-made dwellings, but with its flexibility and sustainability, it has warmed up on the idea and modular dwellings or cabins are seen as a solution to a more sustainable environment.

Despite the slight reduction in the incentive for solar homes provided through the federal Renewable Energy Target, more and more Australians agree that having solar homes is a smart choice for every homeowner. Modular cabins with solar capabilities are becoming a good alternative for Aussies living outside the city center.

Modular cabins are flexible in the sense that it can be configured according to the owner’s preference or to the site constraints. It is especially suitable for Australia’s different terrains. IR Arquitectura, a company based in Buenos Aires, has come up with amazingly designed modular cabins that are exceptional both in flexibility and efficiency.

Five prefab modules make up this cabin and it can be configured in various shapes basing on the terrain or the owner’s discretion. It can be built on any location since it has solar powered panels to produce its own energy. It is entirely off-grid, comes with a solar heating water system, Trombe wall, and solar lamps. Of course, it comes with a solar kitchen.

Some sections of the roof and walls were made of transparent claddings to allow natural light inside. The prefabricated modules are built to last. It is made from quality materials and is clad in a thermal and waterproof coating to add to its durability.

Its wide swinging door opens up to the surrounding nature and adds ventilation through the living area. It has a simple and minimalist vibe, with its airy and light interior and natural wood panels and frameworks. It stayed true to its designer’s inspiration to provide life’s basic necessity, a place to cook, dress, store, keep warm, and to rest. But behind its simple design, it has its own intricate, self-sufficient, and sustainable profile.