A new tri-storey Docklands Primary School by Cox Architecture with McGregor Coxall is only one example of the new educational infrastructure made possible through a new governmental stimulus package.

The Victorian government in fact has committed to an investment of $2.7 billion to revive the building sector, with most of the cash to benefit education infrastructure as well as public and community housing.

The stimulus package will go to support shovel-ready projects, such as those that were in progress already and newly instituted refurbishment projects.

Approximately $1.18 billion will support education infrastructure, with 10 new schools planned and 57 schools to be renovated and rendered more modern.

An additional half billion dollars will be invested in the upgrade of 23,000 public and community housing accommodations and toward the construction of 168 new homes in the state.

An additional $328 million will be dedicated to resurfacing and repairing roads and $100 million will be devoted to essential upgrades of CFA and SES stations, disability accommodations, mental health and senior care facilities.

The package also features $382 million in upgrades, maintenance and new exhibits at tourist destinations in Victoria, adding 50 kilometres of mountain bike trails in the Ararat Hills—for example– and upgrading features at the Gippsland Lakes.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews promises the inception of hundreds of new building projects across Victoria within the coming weeks and months; projects focused on roads, rails, social housing, and vacation attractions that will provide much employment and financial benefit for local businesses and tradespeople.

The government preceded this move with the launch of measures intended to elevate the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19, including the institution of a building and development industry taskforce.