The Sydney VR production studio BVN Real stands as an extension of the company’s architectural visualisation division.

In development for the last four years, the studio was created by a team of artists, architects, developers and designers developing their product into a storytelling tool that can be applied to various spatial activities.

In the past, 2D plans and 3D models served as the benchmark for the visualisation of building design. The studio presents an engaging and intuitive manner to comprehend and envision hypothetical spaces. Clients can update plans in real time or try many different plans in swift succession, resulting in enhanced building outcomes without taking on the expenses generally associated with these updates. From actual design jobs to design school learning experiences and related sales demos, VR just may be the ultimate design tool.

The VR studio has collaborated with clients like Dexus, ANZ, and the University of South Australia.

During the course of a single project, the studio developed a trio of standard hospital rooms – a clean utility room, a dual-patient inpatient room and an operating room – replicated a number of times in the design of a new healthcare facility.

The simulated model duplicated all needed functions for every room, from medication drawers and whiteboards, to directional lights overseeing operating tables and privacy curtains.

The VR simulation also empowered many people to explore the virtual space simultaneously, granting stakeholders an authentic recreation of how the physical build would appear and how jobs would be executed—in the process identifying potential problems and making design adjustments as needed. And in the end the user is left with the best and most realistic building design—one sure to produce a winning project.