Want a self-sufficient Smart home that can be built anyplace in the globe, all the while shielding you from viruses—and—in the worst case scenario–zombies!

Haus houses come ready to live in, completely furnished, technologically equipped to run on solar energy and recycled water, with no utility hookups required. One doesn’t even need a foundation!

The home’s slick exterior of glass with white frames likens a spaceship, complete with a futuristic fingerprint entryway. The house is app-controlled, as you can adjust temperature, humidity, and energy with the push of a button. And the residence’s air purifying system can shield inhabitants from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Scheduled for delivery in October, Haus CEO Max Gerbut asserts that the home has drawn more than 19,000 buyer requests, with 40 preorders, even prior to its official public presentation. Haus will showcase its first units in September, when those interested can tour the smart home.

The house finds its foundations in a 3D printed frame. Its exterior frame consists of carbon fibre, polymers and guarded glass panes. This frame is custom designed to endure earthquakes and hurricanes. These prefab homes are ready to live in, as they come complete with a water tank, autonomous sewage, and solar energy battery storage.

Haus homes can supply sustainable living for one year before any major maintenance is performed.

Haus also offers mOne, a 400-square-foot studio and the company’s smallest model, ideal for a pair of inhabitants. As an added bonus, the home’s internal elements—such as built in, space efficient furnishings, appliances, etc., are packed and prepared for use. Residents have their choice of appliances, décor and colours. The built-in couches fold out into beds, and come surrounded by abundant storage space.

These custom-designed units require seven weeks for manufacture, an additional two to three weeks for delivery anywhere in the United States. And the entire home can be powered through the force of solar electricity.

The house will switch to low energy consumption mode in times of inclement weather, in an effort to save power.

All Haus models are known for their abundant window coverage—however, these sturdy window models are virtually unbreakable. Plus the models come with a full menu of safety measures, which can be navigated via the resident’s home.

The app, in fact, is a virtual control center from which one can change the temperature of, monitor the battery power of, or control security features of, the Haus home.

The model can be accessed via face or fingerprint recognition. And whenever any Haus model lacks a connection to a city water system, its water tanks can be filled via any source, even from air condensation. Water is supplied in drinkable form, 99.9% free of bacteria and viruses. This precious element is even recirculated to the shower, in which smart sensors dispose of soiled water and correct pressure and temperature.

As an added bonus, Haus Smart air purification systems guarantee 99.9% protection from virus and bacteria, producing cleaner, more breathable air.

These smart houses even monitor and adjust CO2 and humidity levels to ensure top quality internal environments.

The mOne model starts at $199,000 USD, excluding delivery costs. The company’s larger smart house, custom designed for a small family, is called the mTwo, and it measures 800 square feet. This model features the same assets and drawing points as the first model, with twice the living space—with the bedroom, kitchen and living spaces ready to house a small family.

The mTwo model is fully furnished, and even features an outdoor barbecue.

The model’s Smart technology features include a Sonos speaker system, Apple TV, a projector screen, a Nest camera and thermostat, and an Internet connection, and a fingerprint door lock. This model, comprised of two prefab pieces that fit together, starts at $379,000 USD in price.

The design of this model remains stylist and minimalist, although naturally more furniture is included to accommodate a larger family.

Haus’ newest home design, mFour, is a dual-story, 1600 square foot residence fit to accommodate a large family unit. This glass structure is set to be priced starting at $1 million USD, with plans set to debut by December of this year.