Residential has lagged behind other asset classes in terms of sustainability—the reason as to why homes form the next sensible step for the Green Star application.

The GBCA is poised to release a Green Star rating tool for houses, with a refreshed draft standard for new single-family houses designed and constructed by volume builders open for consultation.

On Thursday, the council also initiated a strategy that defines the steps needed to present a meaningful tool for the market.

GBCA chief executive officer Davina Rooney asserts that this strategy’s release extends the consultation and engagement that the council has established with industry and government.

A chief component of this strategy has been the clarification of what makes a house sustainable.

At the least, a sustainable home must be healthful and safe for residents, resistant to climate change, and net zero; in other words, energy efficient and powered by renewable energy.

The industry body has identified the chief players, which includes tomorrow’s homeowners and volume builders, but also insurers and banks and supported by developers, government officers, professional service providers and product makers.

Enlisting the aid of volume builders is essential because they can propel industry change at scale—educating people across the building industry to inspire innovation.

In establishing the Green Star pilot program, Chatham Homes, Delos, Development Victoria, HEZ Development, Ingenia Communities, Metricon, New South Homes, Rawson Homes and Stockland have signed on for a trial.

Stockland chief executive officer communities and GBCA director, Andrew Whitson, stated that the initiative symbolises an ideal opportunity to empower the industry to face both the challenges and opportunities of the future. He points out that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the vital importance of healthful, resilient and sustainable homes.

Healthy home technology company Delos, an offshoot company of the International Well Building Institute that first devised the WELL Certification program, has committed to becoming a pilot program partner.

Delos Australia aims to enhance the health of home occupants by optimising primary qualities of interior environment, like air, light and water—and for years to come.