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Webber Insurance Services is a vibrant insurance broking firm founded in 2011 by Chris Webber, and joined by Daniel Webber in 2013. Together Chris and Daniel have created a dynamic business focussed on providing quality insurance advice and solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Webber Insurance is part of the Steadfast Group which is the largest insurance broker network in Australia. This provides flexibility and influence when negotiating with insurers on a clients behalf. The business’ mission is to ensure that clients have the right protection in place should something unforeseen happen.  The team take the time to understand each clients individual business and the risks they face.

Having the right insurance cover is an integral part of any business. Chris and Daniel are well aware of the requirements and demands facing new business owners and have built up trusted relationships with clients by providing expert advice, support, knowledge and understanding.  Webber Insurance works for the client, not the insurers, and takes great pride in offering ‘smart’ insurance and educated risk management solutions.

Webber Insurance has become the ‘go to’ broker for more specialised insurance needs, particularly Professional Indemnity and Public Liability for small businesses, as well as those ‘harder to place’ type insurances.

Webber Insurance Services named as the Building Designers Association of Australia`s Professional Insurance Partner

Webber Insurance Services

Building Designer Insurance

A tailored insurance policy, just for building designers.

Building Indemnity Insurance

Webber Insurance is a QBE Approved distributor for Building Indemnity Insurance.

Energy Raters Insurance

Insurance for energy raters and thermal performance assessors.

Contractors Insurance

It’s Your Business, Protect It

Whether you’re a plumber, builder, landscaper or project manager, you need insurance cover. There are a number of insurance solutions for contractors, sub-contractors and professional contractors out there, choosing the right cover can be challenging.

You must protect yourself against liabilities and losses that could arise as a result of the work you perform under a contract. Fortunately, we are experts at finding the right cover and providing you with specialised contractors insurance advice.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Provides cover for costs incurred as a result of negligent or alleged negligent advice given.

Professional indemnity insurance can be complex. We are here to assist and demystify the process for you. Mistakes happen, its a fact of life. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how good your intentions were, mistakes still happen.

This is why professional indemnity insurance is so important for anyone who receives a fee either directly or indirectly for advice or service.

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Building Indemnity Insurance

Webber Insurance is a QBE Approved distributor for Building Indemnity Insurance.

Building Indemnity Insurance is a statutory required insurance product which is required in most states for building work contractors carrying out domestic building contracts. This product is also known as Builders Warranty Insurance, Home Warranty Insurance, Domestic Building Insurance or DBI and has varying Insurance requirements state to state.

In South Australia, Webber Insurance is a QBE approved distributor for Builders Indemnity Insurance. Any domestic building work over $12,000 that requires council approval will need Building Indemnity Insurance. Further details from the SA Government can be found here.

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Asbestos Liability

Insurance for your asbestos handling, removal or advisory services.

Asbestos Liability Insurance is critical to those who deal with asbestos – either directly or indirectly. But other than asbestos removalists, who else is exposed? Despite high asbestos related payouts and compensation claims both locally and abroad, asbestos is still excluded from a majority of insurers policies. Those removing and dealing with asbestos on a regular basis understand the requirements of having this cover included, but what about those who inadvertently come into contact with asbestos?

A roofing contractor has no cover under their public liability policy if a piece of an asbestos roof fell and hit a parked car. As the piece of roof is asbestos, their claim would be declined.

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