In recent years, there were many serious incidents in buildings in Australia – the Opal Tower problem in Sydney, the Lacrosse fire in Melbourne, to name a few. What is troubling is that it turns out that those in charge of the construction of any of those buildings knew about existing or potential problems.

When it comes to Opal Tower situation, there was a report that stated the defective construction of the building. The report also mentioned Lacrosse building issue and Grenfell fire in the UK as well. The Grenfell fire took 72 lives, and it forced officials around the world to start checking the situation in their own countries. However, this happened too late, since the issues in most of the buildings should have been fixed earlier.

Issues found in buildings in the UK apply to Australia, USA, Canada and probably some other countries. Among the issues are fire safety, water leakage, non-compliant cladding and structural soundness. More than often, authorities and owners try to fix issues after something has already happened. This is not acceptable, especially when people’s lives and property are at stake. Experts claim that the system is broken in Victoria, but apparently, it is the same case everywhere else.

In most of the capital cities around the world, multi-storey and high-rise buildings have become quite common. Experts believe that this might be the answer to why there are so many issues in construction today. Those buildings can have hundreds or thousands of residents.

Every country in the world, like Australia, has construction standards and codes that must be followed. However, the problems appear when some of those codes are not complied with or they are simply not followed by the developer. Confidence in the industry is quite low among the general public, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, given to recent developments both in Australia and in the world.

Experts in the construction industry are already talking about what can and should be done. Australia, even though is one country, has various regulatory approaches and multiple systems of building industry regulations. Because of this, it often takes more time and money to address any issue in the industry. Furthermore, many experts from the industry and authorities provide input. Some of these experts are fire safety professionals, emergency responders, agencies, government, builders or building certifiers.

At the moment, it is believed that the main cause of the issues is non-compliant building products. Often, manufacturers and suppliers have to choose between cost and quality. Many developers have said that they often have to deal with defective building products, meant to be used in their current projects. Replacing defective products costs both time and money, and it also causes delays. The issues can also appear because of the lack of accountability of both suppliers and manufacturers, especially if they are located outside of Australia.