What do you get when you combine a Nordic toy manufacturer, an environmentally friendly concept and the need to create a cheap source of energy? You get a Lego wind turbine kit that is made out of 826 plants polymer-based bricks. The kit builds a 3-foot wind turbine tower that gives you adjustable blades, an aircraft warning light system, and an alternative power for initiating the system providing a totally automated environment.

LEGO introduced this innovative kit in New York City during the NYC Climate Week and was developed to help raise awareness amongst all age groups in regard to renewable energy projects and sustainability.

The LEGO Vestas wind turbine is a collaboration between the two companies, LEGO and Vestas and is not the first time these two companies have collaborated. In 2008, LEGO released a sugar cane based brick wind turbine kit for Vestas.

This latest kit is being made available from Black Friday to consumers through the LEGO stores and online shopping sites.