Vicinity has partnered with ClearVue Technologies to replace an existing glass atrium at Warwick Grove shopping center in Western Australia. The newly developed structure will use clear, photovoltaic solar glass that collects infrared light and deflects it to the edge of the surface, where it is converted into electricity.

According to Vicinity, this solar PV glass is the first of its kind used in a commercial venture globally. Justin Mills, executive general manager for shopping center management, was bullish on the technology. He stated that it could transform the way Vicinity uses glass in its centers, enabling a change in their harvesting of renewable energy and exposure to the energy market.

Vicinity’s entire portfolio has seen increased investment in solar power, with the $73 million project stretching across 22 centers with a total capacity of 31 megawatts.

ClearVue executive chairman Victor Rosenberg said: “We see great potential in trialing new technology, such as ClearVue’s PV glass, as we expand the solar program and innovation pipeline across our portfolio of shopping centers and as we explore mixed-use developments.”